Greenhouse price average & construction process:

In the US, a climate-controlled greenhouse costs on average $250-$300 per square meter. For projects outside the US and Canada, we collaborate with greenhouse manufacturers from Spain, Turkey, Lebanon and China. Our current vendors charge on average between US$140-US$160 per square meter for a fully climate-controlled greenhouse (cheaper than in the US, for equivalent quality).When referring to the price per square meter, we are talking about a greenhouse and all its equipment packed in a container (without shipping).The building of the foundation of the greenhouse is not included in the aforementioned quoted price range. It takes about 8 people 30 to 45 days to build a 1000 m² greenhouse. Our Chinese vendors can send an engineer on-site to supervise the building process (for such an engineer to come on location, it usually costs around $150 per day + travel expense).

It takes approximately 2 × 40-foot containers to pack a 1000 m² climate-controlled greenhouse. Just as a reminder: we publish the recommended technical specs of a climate-controlled greenhouse for a Tower Farm in FAQ #24, 25 and 26.Further information regarding buying/building a greenhouse is subject to our consultation services.